About this Project

A side project forked from an assignment in ASIA 201 in September 2010, this “resource blog” hopes to spark new interest either academically or otherwise in Japanese and Asian music.  Most of the work will focus on Japanese Music, particularly in Japanese Rock music and Visual Kei.

Jillian Haldeman resides in New Zealand – and plans to someday make this work into a book, and make Oshare Curry Productions a long standing company.

(We think she’s nuts :D)

If a post is not credited with an Author, it’s written by Jillian – if a post is credited with an outside author it will be from either a knowledged person from outside of Oshare Curry, a friend of Jillian’s or a staff member of Oshare Curry.

This blog is not a personal resource, if you copy information we request that you link back or properly reference if used in an academic area. If you’re using this for resource on your own site, please link back to the blog AND Oshare Curry.



Contact information is on the contact page.