So i now count two more hours until my mother is able to take me home (cause the use in leaving now is moot, cause i can get a free ride home from the arts building.) – But the wait means i should study, not be on here or twitter.

So for now i say, “My dilligence is now waning, and i am refusing to do as i should.”

Now today i realize that on the right hand side i’ve put my twitter in a module/widget. LOL – That means it’s out of the box, i’m a totally weird person, really – seriously.

However i disclaim that usually i’m retweeting, and being my usual retarded self. (Note, i’m ALLOWED TO USE THE WORD RETARD! Because i am not neuro atypical LOL!) I’m posting things about the pee movies, poo movies and just in general being immature.

That bit scared me when i logged in today and realized i was trying to show a bit more maturity and such with this. Eh, who cares – i’m not out to please anyone with this anyways. I’ll just have to refrain from being too overly offensive – but the tweets from Lord Voldemort are still hilairous. (For your information, it’s a parody account on twitter of Lord Voldemort.)

Anyways, i’ll stop tangenting about crap and get to my short point.

I’ve hit the mark where normally pronounciations DO NOT BUG ME – however i have a british lecturer who does my computer labs, and he’s a great guy. But as usual “pasta” and “taco” get mished and mashed in to the Queens version of it … or at least the british vernacular of it.

Not that it’s a huge big deal, but to me in a language perspective if it is a FOREIGN word – you pronounce it in it’s original way. Not the way Tony Blair does, not the way John Key does – and CERTAINLEY NOT THE WAY GEORGE BUSH DOES :P. So if it’s spanish/mexican – continue with that, yea ok you’ll get a bit of vernacular with Americans especially – we dont shorten the o’s on a lot of words so when i say “taco” or “neko” i get yelled at by my friends who are taking linguistics.

Stubborn ousama… stubborn stubborn ousama! LOL.

I have to say tho – kiwi’s on the whole, new zealanders only grate me a tiny bit now on pronounciation LOL. “Shedule” and a couple other words. I’ll never spell “practice” their way xD NEVAR!

It’s just weird though how grammar, and english and language in general make their way in to two different university things. One would be that i was in my Social Work class today- and we learned that the term “wee tart” (which i heard as something different but i’ll explain later lol) was offensive in the US and in the North Island of the New Zealand area. It’s amazing how you tie in language and culture in context of different lectures.

And yes, i heard “retard” instead of “wee tart” – aka “sofa king wee todd did” – and yes, i’ve managed to place seriously offensive terms inside of a seemingly mature document.


Don’t get me started 😀 i have an insult book at home, and sadly.. yes… a fart book. >.>

Right now i’m too exhausted to deal with anyone LOL – i need to go out and munch on my terribly unhealthy afternoon snack since they didnt have anything healthy that was cheap at the shop in the link. >_> <_< MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, yea 😛




I've drastically cut down how much second life i'm using too – this is sort of an interesting progress into becoming a normal person. aaaaahhhhgghh!!! WTF MY IPOD IS PLAYING THE SAILOR MOON SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!

…this is sad cause the track i'm listening to sounds like Ain't afraid to die with frosted ambience at the first bit! LOL!!! That'd be hilarious to mash up. *SNORT*

I could fall asleep to this, and to the other song i just mentioned……..

muffin here i come!!!