Yea I didn’t’ really want a blog- but this is attached to my windows live, it means I’m free .. I don’t have to worry about file space, and how much it costs. I don’t have to worry about asking for people to sponsor my stuff cause I’m broke.

….not, a worry anymore Open-mouthed smile.

Yea, totally.

So, now my frustration is trying to seriously combat the issue of how much apathy I have towards blogging.  You see, I’m used to livejournal, then again – that’s where people write unethical things and slander people behind a friends only post! (Trust me, we’ve all done it once.)  And with that, usually I’m used to all the trappings of that, and rpgs etc-

Well I’m learning to grow up, that doesn’t mean playing with the big kids … that means growing up and learning to play on my own SAEFLY.  Yes, that’s right, Oshare Curry is gone (Except for the SL hangout) – and I’m free to do as I please.

My reputation? I don’t care anymore.

Ok I … sort of do, I do however say that as I run with my mother a SL Housing design business and I don’t need people knowing my day to day toilet details. (As some people totally would post.)

However, I will oblige to post my complaints of randomness on here – like “WTF IS A SEX TOILET” …. and “WTF. MY INVENTORY IS A MESS!” or “Zomg. PUPPY! *huggles jack* I WUV HIM!” or … “AYLA SAYS HI” … or in her case when she comes back from Christchurch, “OHAI!~”

…..yes, that and I will be posting interesting knowledge and findings relevant towards my study.  >_> I wonder if I can import my crap from my other wordpress….. the one I neglected to remove from my hosting xD.

(Yes my assignment one .. that one…. over there!)


Have a pictoor.


I play with photoshop, I play with second life……. and no the next answer is not “I play with myself” GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER AND PAY ATTENTION! Smile


….if playing with myself inlcudes a coffee and civilization four, totally clothed and beating the crap out of russia, then we’re fine.