The words and views expressed in this essay are of my own, unless of course cited otherwise – or Another author’s name appears as the author of the post.  Previous to September 21st however; whatever content is expressed on here is my own unless cited; referenced etc.

Please do not become offended by any views inside this essay; the project blog etc, it is a resource for budding students, and a source for reviewers and newcomers to the sight of Japanese Music. One must always keep a keen eye on what they are reading, and between the lines lies your own opinion.

Copy whatever you like – but always properly credit or cite academically what you are using.

The original Content previous to Sept 22nd 2010 was created for an ASIA 201 Paper taught by DR PAOLA VOCI at UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO in DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND.

This disclaimer is in place of the paper copy of the university plagarism sheet – claiming all work as my own; unless properly referenced or cited elsewhere.

When the essay cites this blog – it is so you can see the blog project and how the notes became articles.  Not always did it end up that way; and not all of it meshes exactly with my academic views.  (Trust me; in hindsight – that made me want to research all of this so much more even though i’m a fan.)

Have fun enjoying this; and let’s see what grade i get! 😀