Research Information

This topic is a large and popular topic to consider when doing research on Japanese Music. What exactly is Japanese Music anymore? Can we consider it to be Asian, Japanese or as the Question is concerned, is it clearly imitative and unoriginal?

In my experience in Japanese Music thus far; merged with much academic research I hope to continue delving into this and proving against the theory of imitative and unoriginal. With Visual Kei bands such as Malice Mizer, X-japan, Luna Sea, Due Le Quarts and new styles of music such as Oshare Kei; (SuG “HAPPY POSITIVE ROCK”) one can point much influence from American or Britannic influence, but can’t conclude that this is all imitative of “Western Music”.

This annotated bibliography is only a sample of what resources I could gather in such a short time to use on research. I hope by the time that my Final Project is completed I will have more research sources, and more information to complete this task.

I believe that Japanese Music in general, not just Visual Kei or Japanese Rock builds upon its influence and creates its own style of music, its own separate genre. One could still argue; that some of the R&B influences and Soul influences in Miyavi are simply imitating the core of African American music in the 50s and 60s; as well as the argument that Hideto Matsumoto was just another Marc Bolan, and copying the androgynous aspects from David Bowie.

Including knowledge from lectures on Ayumi Hamasaki; and previous genres of music in the earlier days of Japanese Popular music, not only do I believe that Japanese music is at its core, its own style and own musical sound – but I know that despite borrowing and reforming and restyling, you can’t find most of this sort of music elsewhere besides possibly Korea. (Even with Korea, much of their industry is influenced from Japanese and previous American influences.)

In conclusion, Japanese Music is far from imitative and unoriginal; it is constantly used in popular Animation, and other entertainment avenues such as Musicals. Japanese Rock is now being imported back into the United States, via such new companies called “Japanese Music Promotion Groups.”