Puffy x Smuffy
I wanted to include the humor in JPop as well – SMAP being one of the few weirdest things i’ve seen.  Also in this post you will see “Shingo Mama no Oha Rock” – Something that is educational yet very emotionally disturbing on so many levels (yet safe for kids! and i’m not joking!)

Shingo Katori in recent years has also become a fairly well respected actor; being in NHK’s 43rd Taiga Drama “NHK! SHINSENGUMI” as ISAMI KONDOU.

I’ve seen this several times; it’s adorably cute but yet very scaring – don’t say i didnt warn you; a buff masculine guy in pretty pink polka dots is kinda disturbing.  Can’t say he doesn’t have entertainment value in his talent; otherwise he wouldnt still have a job!