I’m going to note that the personalization of the set; and styles here are much likened to many mid 1990s Rock in Japan. (Mainly hide.)

Interesting how the comments are perceiving the lyrics; something i never thought about…

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The line is, “What’s it like to be a loon? ”

double meaning is “What’s it like to be alone” then “I liken it to a balloon”

Meaning floating through the air like a LOON is like floating in the air as a BALLOON but his double meaning is that being alone is, to him, similar to if one were a balloon floating above & away from everything & everyone, separate from normal life & human interaction with others. One of his many MANY double meaning lyrics. He was clever, maybe even (at times)…profound.

Yup, that’s the correct line! I agree with you though, there’s a double-meaning there, as Marc was so fond of doing with many of his lyrics. So many of his songs seem to develop layers of meaning each time you listen – they do for me, anyway. Indeed, a poet who was often times profound. XXXXX

chanteleigh 1 year ago