Before i expound largley onto the fandom section of the subject; i want to show the public versions of hide’s funeral and report.  It’s imperitave that i show this, as one of my sources on Hideto Matsumoto was indeed an article in AsiaWeek about his passing.  (And no, i am not referencing five hide plushies just to prove my own fandom :P)


X-Japan members performing “FOREVER LOVE” at hide’s funeral.

Yoshiki Hayashi speaking on Live Television.

WITHOUT YOU (Played at a recent HIDE MEMORIAL concert in Japan.)

While i have no real authorization myself to speak about fandom; as to be quite fair on everyone else reading this i am a fan myself. But in these days anyone truly passionate about something, is a “fan” an “otaku” of sorts, and without passion there is no ability to intensify research on personally attached subjects.  I’m not pertaining to the idea that anyone can’t just go out there and research a subject and gain knowledge; but the way someone with an interest or passion in the subject is more likley to go in depth and write a more consise point.

Fandom is hard to pinpoint; there’s no real resource on what Japanese fandom is vs American Fandom.  (As in my opinion we’re all just as bad as each other in many ways.)  You’d have to sit down and study about five people from several countries in respectiveness towards Japan and see the difference.  To me when you get down to it, the only reason there’s a difference is cultural and language difference.  Those aren’t that big when you see a bunch of Americans or even New Zealanders repeating scenes from the Bleach Rock Musical.  (If you want reference to this, just ask  me, Ayla Falloon, Evelyn Ferguson, Judith Stewart to pull the ‘Ichigo and Momo‘ scene, or even the Hona Sainara dance from the same musical. That’s not to say i’m a fan of the musical itself, more that fandoms can cross genres, and formats just as much as music can…. or at least that’s my excuse.)

There is a large difference between fandom in Japanese Music and in Animation/Manga; and frankly there is a larger debate growing (as i’ve referenced in the bibliography) on Jrock Revolution and other formats about where to market in the US or other English speaking countries, and how to market. Do they market

Miyavi- Samurai Guitarist

to the Animation fans; and risk angering the pure Japanese music fans or vice versa?

Some cosplay; some don’t.  Some scream like banshees at a Mucc concert; Some don’t.

It’s like the Mac Vs Pc commercials; only alot more estrogen invovled, and quite frankly that is a very scary thought.  (However; that’s a gender biased excuse; there’s actually to an extent a large equality in Jrock Fans, it’s just about how many come out in the open and admit they’re a fan.)

So in response to the differences again; you’ll really have to find a PHD student ready to sit a bunch of fans down and test their reactions. (And whether or not the fan is NZ, American or French does not mean that they won’t scream out in Japanese.  Especially if they’re Japanese language students, and fans…. we’re even more likely to scream out SENTENCES if we’re studying the language.)