Well; i noticed i left this seriously open ended last night without some proof on what JPOP is – as this project isn’t exactly an ending factor as of September 21st.  So with the conclusion that Japanese ROCK isn’t imitative by averaging out what i know and what i’ve researched, i’ve decided to do a few quick reviews and examples of Japanese Pop outside of what i’ve shown in previous posts.

I will note that these are things i picked up on Sept 20th 2010, from Youtube – and have no research to back up my reviews on these.  They are pure “opinion” and i can assure you, that from this end of the foray – that I have never heard most of these bands before today.

(However; i will reference where i’ve received these and note that in the final bibliography!)

First let’s take a newer face (at least in my opinion)

Chieko Kawabe (Kyandii Beibee)


From first rate i will tell you that i can tell she’s wearing a wig – but i forgave her because she wears several others throughout the video. I’ve NEVER heard of this song, and in fact to be honest – it reminds me a lot of every other Jpop song on the 2008 Market.

(TommyHeavenly6 – Pray … much?)

My interest in Jpop has always been more from what i know from Anime – and the opposite from Japanese Rock; so if i’m on the wrong mark, that could be why.


This … one bugs me… Leah Dizon – L.O.V.E. U; it sounds like early 90s..

And especially since she’s originally from the US it bugs me even more – it’s like a blatant ripoff of R&B from the earlier days, mixed with almost a sugary pop that so tastes sour.  There’s no originality in this, and her voice bugs me because she’s forcing herself to sing like a natural japanese person, and i know she has japanese nationality  Except that i’m sure she learned english first… and there’s a large tonal different in how you sing and speak in Japanese.

(Except if you’re Yoshiki, and dropping F and MF Bombs like it’s the end of the world.)

Right now i feel like my ears are bleeding out sugar, and that i need to go see a doctor to get Diabetes pills to control this madness.  She’s talented, i will give her that – but this isn’t the sort of music you start most fans of anything off on.

Where’s Utada and Ayumi; i want my Otakuizms back!


Not only do people copy and imitate other countries and styles – oh no! They plagarize their own styles, ok maybe not plagarize, but come on – this isn’t exactly Ringo Shiina is it?  It sounds like most early Ayumi Hamasaki, and most Anime theme songs.

So when you’re basing research on this sort of stuff? Yes; it’s unoriginal, unimaginative and the same old boring stuff you sneeze out every autumn when the pollen count reaches annoying levels (or was that spring?)

I know my reviews are borderline offensive – but when you are doing research into how these things are unoriginal and imitative; and the project basis is to continue this in a formal yet review like way it’s like “Oh Em Gee……. This WILL BE SO FUN *SUGAR COATED GLEE FACE* ” (Not.).

So this basis – this opinion is there any way for me to formalize it?  Yes – I have all the books out that i need to continue reviewing before formalizing my opinions :D.

*Happy Glee Face* ONWARD …..JPOP ….. OTAKU?

– Base Ball Bear Video Unavailable to Embed (Find them on Youtube with keword Base Ball Bear)

This is a JROCK band – but i’m going to call them POP ROCK, because they sound like most commercial mainstream bands.  His voice reminds me of most American rock bands of this status, and the melody base is like most pop songs out of Japan.

I wouldn’t be suprised if this was once an anime theme as well…..

I’m surely now disturbed at how pop music everywhere is formed; if i start dying my hair black after this and wearing more black …. you’ll get why (Joking! I’ve done that already! I’ve rebelled through that already, now i just dye my hair when my hair looks like a crappy dull color!)

It’s a smooth vocal; it’s not crap – most JPOP isn’t crap by definition; from a music point of view most of it isn’t “CRAP” it’s just personal opinion where my eyes start to twitch and i start finding sharp objects to stab things with.

You’d think i’d understand why i do that more – since i’m such a huge Rock music fan – but the fact that I never got into much “ROCK” until i got into my late teens, shows you my generation.  If i wasn’t listening to KDWB 101.3 in high school; i was listening to 93.7 THE ROCK when i hit NZ High School.

This …. Rock song, sounds like your typical movie or Anime soundtrack, it’s got a dramatic feel yet it’s almost like its so commericalised it’s fake.

So no, don’t ever make me listen to that again.


This has to be a cover – what is it and who can i blame.  She’s good- but the fact that i can tell it has to be a cover because it so sounds like an American movie or British movie soundtrack EXACTLY worries me. And this site (JapaneseMusicTV) never told anyone what it was other than a single titled GRAVITY.

Her english is good – and her voice is smooth – and yes, i will listen to it again.  But it has to be a cover … it has to be.

…please? let it be? or else i’m really going to cry in my soup.

Alones~Aqua Timez
Jizzy-D | MySpace Video


……………..i give up. lol. I truly do- Japan, STOP CAFFINATING MY CHEESE FOOD! PLEASE!


No; just no – No more– I’m already swimming in a pool of ear candy that tastes like cheese, cola and salt – it’s not what i want, and you know it! 🙂 It’s like i’m back on the airwaves of R&B for Minneapolis or Los Angeles – this Crystal isn’t as original as people would seem to think.

I don’t care if she sings in english.

======And now for something completely different.


…..maybe not. Again, commercial and very conservative -its Radio Rock.

It’s not bad, but it’s still Radio Rock.

I’m not sure people understand that when Japanese ROCK is excersised as a word- like the US market; there’s a LARGE difference between Proper Commercial Candy Rock/ Radio Rock; and the stuff that pushes boundaries properly.  Yes I mean Alice Cooper, Marylin Manson and even sometimes Madonna; Visual Kei isn’t always “ROCK” so i guess my essay is more on the VISUAL KEI side; and there is a large difference between that and COMMERCIAL ROCK.

X-JAPAN isn’t Commercial by nature; they’re Artistic by nature – and it’s not that Commercial Bands CANT be artistic, they’re just strict and very held back.

Celebrate your music people – break the limits, and be the “GENKAI HARETSU”