Examples of Japanese Rock and Bands within the “Visual Kei” Sphere in question to The Glam Influence

Ok this is a pure media post – or mostly pure media, i’ll be posting examples of bands in question to the Glam Rock, Metal and Alternative Scenes that many books i’ve looked through and read through have explained. After each one i’ll make a quick explanation of what i mean, and so on and so forth.

(Aka: I’m getting extreeeeeeme exhaustion from working on this almost non stop over the weekend. It’s a student thing, only my lecturers would understand – We all make sure we do these at the last minute so the day they’re do we’re groggily walking in to turn it in and because of that we’re so slow that we have snail like reflexes… and only get it in 10 seconds before the time’s up.)

Onward Jrock Researchers! TO THE MEDIA!


LUNA SEA (Lunacy) ROSIER (94.7.21 3rd single ROSIER c/w RAIN MVDD-17 )

Sugizo (Guitar) is now also famously known for being the 6th member of X-japan; it’s documented in many interviews that Luna Sea was like X-japan’s “Brother Band” – With an Extasy Summit in 1992 sharing a Performance with many other bands singing “God Save The Queen”.

While i still can’t pinpoint exactly where their “category is” – Their influence was X-Japan, Sugizo and Jun Onose were great friends with both Yoshiki and hide.  ( Jun Onose aka “J” was more likley to be seen hanging around hide, than Yoshiki and vice versa with Sugizo.)   There’s a few interviews of both members of X, and even of Luna Sea in several Japanese magainzes.  (Too many to list and reference at this point; and the need for a translation sort of causes a little bit of a problem)

They’ve reformed for a 20th Anniversary, and Sugizo is active in X-japan as of 2010.


For maximum effect into the research of how different bands are; and how SHOCKING that can be – I’ve decided to include (by risk of my own university career, somehow i managed this once in 2006 by showing Grand Theft Auto scenes with clothed sex… but this is much more poignant, and relevant and yet much more risque.)  Please DO NOT watch if it’s going to be a problem with your stomach, or your religious belief system.  I will include the CENSORED version as well as some other videos of Dir En Grey.





Before I insert more informative videos on Dir En Grey (including possible interviews etc) I should note that they’ve managed a succseful tour a long side Apocalyptica.  (Apocalyptica is a Finnish Cello/Metal band [I am inclined to speak the one word i know in finnish thanks to humoncomics.com – PERKELE.] that obviously hails from Finland.  They are awesome, they have made me like songs of Metallica i once grew to hate – downside is, when i try to remember the lyrics, i begin to personally want to burn things and run around in circles screaming “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO NAPSTER?!??!?!?!?” ….tee-hee.)  They have previously also been on the Family Values Tour.

They’ve been compared to Marylin Manson; and many many other shocking inaccurate references.

Maybe that’s because Alice Cooper once said; “Schools out For Summer…” and Dir En Grey took that as a chance to Rock the World by Storm over 20 years later?


(I am inclined to mention, that fandom speaks… Daisuke Andou, aka DIE, red hair or not… is one hot Japanese Man.)


A Very Recent (January 2010) Interview with DIE (DAISUKE ANDOU)


An earlier self-interview, probably for a fan club source.
This speaks volumes into how their fandom acts worldwide.
(And how i went on MSN two minutes later to notify Co-CEO of Oshare Curry, Robert L. Mcewen, That Daisuke Andou is a Dork.)

[I don’t like hiding my proverbial ‘dirty laundry’ i readily admit i’m a huge dork, rabid fangirl and everything nasty you can find to explain that sort of thing with.  But the thing is, as i remember Haruko-sensei putting it, it’s passion – and Music and Japanese culture and that sort of thing are my passion.]

========================== Dir En Grey Section finished.



The whole of the MERVILLES LESPACE concert on youtube.

This is your Pre-Klaha, Gackt-Era Malice Mizer.
Words are a bit, off on how to explain a band like this – as they were one of my first into the foray of Japanese Rock.

================= ZILCH (hide’s AMERICAN based band)


WHATS UP MR JONES (off the 3.2.1. ALBUM)

You’ll notice that every song hide ever wrote for X-Japan or wrote for himself ended up being re made for this album. You can sing DRAIN basically word for word against this; and permission wise there would not have been a problem.  Personally it gets quite confusing when listening to them both – this one being more like a Post – Grunge  Post-Punk Modernism with a grinding beat.  It’s suprisingly more masculine and anti establishment than “DRAIN”  was.

For a quote from the evil pedia (every time i quote this, several brain cells die in mass quantities; so i try to make sure it’s only for a good reason that i quote it, and that it wont be done in the actual essay.)

Zilch is an alternative/industrial rock band formed in 1996 by Hideto “Hide” Matsumoto (formerly in X Japan), Ray McVeigh (formerly in The Professionals),Paul Raven (of Killing Joke), Joey Castillo (of Danzig and Queens of the Stone Age) and I.N.A. (of Hide with Spread Beaver).


(FAN MADE VIDEO/SLIDESHOW) Space Monkey Punks from Japan (ZILCH/3.2.1.)

======================================= ZILCH SECTION FINSHED



I came across this song when watching him LIVE through USTREAM (a live video casting agency/website popular to fans who cannot get to Tokyo or otehrwise other places listed on this place. ) .  His style keeps mutating, and growing and suprising many of his fans; and in a professional and academic sense he still can’t be told he’s unoriginal and imitative.  Slap guitar, slap bass and a sense of Jazz, Blues and Pure ROCK- he’s never short of a new suprise.

Once on live Japanese TV, he covered Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack; with his suprisingly unusually scratchy voice that many complain isn’t really a singing voice at all.  For a man who has just hit 28/29 recently; he has married and had a child – been in the Supergroup SKIN, and discussed at LARGE with PurpleSky Magazine about his ideas of super groups.

One Word: “Dreamer”



“Dave Dobyn —–> Japanese Rock Scene.” – Carmen Norgate on Facebook, Sept 19 2010 18:30 PM
I was reminded of this as the joke around my social circle goes “Yoshiki is God, Rose is Jesus.” and in New Zealand? Dave Dobbyn is god, everyone else is just 2nd best.   I’m appalled a bit at Yoshiki’s need to swear so much in this, but that’s because there’s no need to say “motherfucker” after complaining you can’t pronounce something.   You don’t see Richie Sambora or Jon Bon Jovi doing that do you? ………ok so they did it when people weren’t looking, shut up you’re ruining my dreams of a squeaky clean Rock God.

And no; Dave Dobbyn’s “WELCOME HOME” Does not apply to Yoshiki, the US has been trying to kick his ass out of California since about 2002.  He’s fully legal of course, permanent resident and legally able to work in the US – however, the funny thing is he’s had a string of legal battles over Extasy Japan and Extasy International.  (Poor God, cant even keep up with his own record label!)

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Yoshiki is one of the Pioneers; but that doesnt excuse a sometimes abusive nature and over perfectionism.


Hopefully that embedded the playlist.
58 videos hopefully that will be in a carousel.

There’s not much more to X-plain about X-Japan; except that they are one of the forefathers to modern Japanese Rock.

Other Bands i will note but not put videos in for: BUCK TICK (OK NO I NEED TO FIND ONE FOR THEM HOLD YOUR HORSES PEOPLE! I HAVE ONE COMING!); LaChryma’Christi (SPELLING?) ; Moi Dix Mois; Schwarz Stein;  and Any Oshare Kei band out there (Oshare Kei isn’t something i have right to speak about without bathing in videos that will make my eyes burn.).  Also a good note is soloists Juka and Kaya.


Can we say melty love?

No; i’m not talking Shazna.  Izam’s crossdressing weirdness makes my brain hurt so much that i can’t be bothered researching it, which is sort of a hypocritical statement considering that half of Visual Kei is much like that anyways.


You’ll never meet a Japanese man quite the same as this, Buck Tick’s music isn’t too far off from this – in fact for a hide tribute album Buck Tick covered Doubt.

It’s like Industrial Romance, only this is more like Japanese Rammstein with less offensive antics. (And Oh Lord In Heaven – I PRAY YOU DONT MAKE ME GO INTO THAT!)

Ok so now there we go – that concludes the media section of this format.